A New Consciousness is Emerging on Our Planet

OUR INTENTION IN A NUTSHELL:  The Kamlak Center focuses on the intimate relationship between birth and death – and the radical creativity of both. This is the Divine Game.

Aimed at changing the way we look at death, The Kamlak Center was founded in 2002 as a publishing company and a teaching center.  We confront the belief that there is nothing but matter, that death is the end of everything.  We embrace the new worldview that there is nothing but life, birth and death are events in time and space, and grief can open us to this new consciousness.  Dr. Betty J. Kovacs has spent decades researching how the understanding of death has influenced the development of our consciousness.  The Kamlak Center’s events and products are based on this research, her own experiences surrounding death, and the new scientific research that supports the survival of consciousness.


In the new worldview, consciousness is primary, creative, multidimensional, eternal, and evolving.

We (1) study this new/ancient consciousness in Western culture since it is this culture that has the strongest and most pervasive global influence.  This consciousness, whose spiritual roots reach deep into our indigenous/shamanic past, has surfaced as a persistent and perennial dream in each of the great creative periods of Western culture.  Yet it has never been allowed to develop. Each time it was repressed and forced underground by political and religious forces.

Today this consciousness is surfacing once again all around the world.  It is rising out of the dreaming, symbolic, visionary mind that is sensitive to deeper orders of reality and in tune with the creative principles of both the human psyche and the universe.  This mode of consciousness can heal the wounds of our old worldview by igniting these creative principles within modern, rational consciousness.

Therefore, we also study the expression of these principles (2) in the dreams, visions and multidimensional experiences of individuals today as well as (3) in new scientific breakthroughs that reflect consciousness as primary, creative, multidimensional, eternal, and evolving.


In the old worldview, there is nothing but matter. Consciousness is an unexplainable random phenomenon of matter that is destroyed with the death of the physical body.

The time between worldviews is both precarious and powerful. As old perspectives and beliefs decay and die, the stability of a culture deteriorates. The chaos that ensues can cause a profound despair.  But this does not have to be our response. It is, in fact, precisely at this time of extreme instability that each of us can have the greatest influence on values, beliefs, and the development of a new worldview.

To move beyond despair we focus on healing the wounds of the old worldview. These wounds (1) must be identified because many of them are so deeply embedded in our consciousness that we think of them as natural. Our major healing work is (2) on the primary wounding caused by the belief that there is nothing but matter and death is the end of everything we have ever loved and valued.

We have lost the ancient knowledge of death that is so eloquently expressed in a Mayan oracle: “Polarity is the loom on which reality is strung.” Birth and death are the primary polarities of the loom of life.  By accepting birth and rejecting death, we damage or even sever the threads of all the other polarities within the loom.  Life is thrown out of balance and we fall into the “single vision” of a materialistic worldview. By confronting the Mystery of Death, we are initiated into the fullness of life. This is the foundation for all healing.

We work (3) to restore the mind’s wholeness by honoring both dimensions of consciousness: the rational, conceptual mind and the dreaming, visionary, intuitive mind.  Both modes of consciousness working together create a powerful and natural healing force.  It is only out of this wholeness that we are able to awaken to the vastness of who we are and to realize the profound sacredness of our place in the universe.

As we release the limits of the old worldview, we open ourselves to infinite possibilities:


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