Praise for Merchants of Light


Merchants of Light is a clarion call to reclaim the universal, unitary, and boundless state of conscious awareness that has periodically surfaced in the human evolutionary journey.  If we are to survive the materialistic nightmare that currently threatens our existence on Earth, our choice is clear: awaken or perish. That’s the grim news. The good news, as Kovacs shows, is that the awakening has already begun.  This splendid book is a tour de force, an infusion of wisdom capable of changing the direction and fate of our species.

Larry Dossey, M.D.  Author, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

A rich and valuable immersion in sacred consciousness as it stretches back over millennia.  Here are the spiritual secrets that the priests of the patriarchy and their drive for power have tried to repress, but which we urgently need at this present moment of evolutionary crisis.  Merchants of Light reconnects us to this essential shamanic-mystic wisdom, and shows how it can make a vital contribution to heal and transform our dying world.  This is an important book that can expand our understanding of spiritual consciousness.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Ph.D.  Sufi teacher and author, Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth

Betty Kovacs’ Merchants of Light is a magnificent masterpiece of illumined scholarship, the most grounded and majestic evolutionary intelligence, and the exquisitely written distillation of a lifetime’s experience of revelation and grace.  It is the most thrilling book that I have read since Anne Baring’s The Dream of the Cosmos.  It is essential reading for all seekers on all paths and most especially for all those who are beginning to understand the tremendous secret at the heart of the dark night of our time—that this chaotic, terrifying ordeal we are now living through is the ordained birthing ground of a new, empowered, embodied, divine humanity.  There is nothing like this book and reading it will change your life, renovate your hope, and inspire you to grow deeply in vision so as to step up humbly to the great work ahead—of serving this birth with everything you are, everything you have, and in wise, focused, divinely inspired action. Buy this book, read it many times, and give it to everyone you know. 

Andrew Harvey, Poet, mystical scholar, spiritual teacher, Founder and Director of Institute for Sacred Activism, author, Return of the Mother, Radical Passion, and Turn Me to Gold 

In Merchants of Light, Betty Kovacs combines extensive historical scholarship with personal memoir to show how we lost the knowledge of our immortality and divinity and how we are reclaiming it today.  A moving and compelling account that taught me many things. Vital reading in the century where we either transform ourselves or perish.

Christopher Bache, Ph.D.  Author, Diamonds from Heaven and Dark Night, Early Dawn

The intuition of there being an embracing, underlying “cosmic” consciousness has accompanied the development of all the great civilizations.  Betty Kovacs undertakes to trace this deep consciousness in the interest of bringing to us the light that it can provide in our increasingly dark and un-illuminated age.  Her book deserves to be read both for its intrinsic interest, and for the light it promises to convey to us.

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.  Author, Systems Theorist, Founder of the Club of Budapest, twice Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Those who are dismayed and depressed by the state of today’s world could do no better than read Merchants of Light.  This historical panorama asserts that humankind has the resources to participate in its own evolution, thanks to the ancestral wisdom that has survived in the Hermetic Arts, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Mystic Christianity, and shamanism worldwide, in spite of its repeated repression by both Church and State.  Dr. Betty Kovacs’ well-researched book is a wake-up call for the human species to tap into these primordial creative energies of love, following millennial-old technologies. This is a compelling vision, and one that can be actualized and embodied before it is too late.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.  Co-author, Personal Mythology

Merchants of Light is an exceptional book!  Betty Kovacs accomplishes what seems like the impossible.  She brilliantly weaves together the history of shamanism, mysticism, and science to show how they reveal the blueprint of our evolution.  This book is filled with such a wealth of information, layers of wisdom, and moving personal visions that it will be returned to again and again to find new inspiration!

Sandra Ingerman, M.A.  Award winner, author of 12 books on shamanism, including Soul Retrieval and The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life

Merchants of Light is a brilliant tour de force through 40,000 years of human evolution, a deliciously important work of wisdom.  Dr. Kovacs traces how human creativity has been advancing in spite of periodic degenerations, our most recent creative renaissance coming out of the deepest days of darkness after WWII.  Cave temples and medieval cathedrals are cast as the wombs of the goddess, shamanism and quantum physics as the deep aim of nature. This is a wonderful and heart-opening book, a guide for awakening the soul of the world.

Barbara Hand Clow, Author, Awakening the Planetary Mind and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

Progressive thinkers such as Dr. Betty Kovacs believe that we have an obligation to focus on the evolution of consciousness and the gifts that our ancestors have been waiting for us to open.  Many of these ancestors were skilled mystics, visionaries and scientists who have sought to bring a cosmic consciousness back into our awareness. It is the recognition of this awareness that scholars like Dr. Kovacs in Merchants of Light now find so critical to our very survival as a species.  We are currently at a precipice, and our fall can be prevented only if we pay attention to the psychic blueprint that has been laid out beneath our feet.

Robert Ginsberg, Vice-President and Co-Founder of Forever Family Foundation

Betty J. Kovacs’ outstanding book sheds new light on the ancient and authentic wisdom of humankind and reveals this wisdom’s significant influence upon the survival of our species.

Gyorgyi Szabo, Ph.D.  Dean of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity University

Plotinus said that remembering is for those who have forgotten.  In this book of breathtaking scope and depth, Betty Kovacs reminds us of our inherent divine identity and how the mystic-shamanic tradition of gnosis has been repeatedly submerged and repressed in Western culture, resulting in a devastating loss of soul and heart….  If we have created our current world, we can recreate a new one together that truly integrates heart and head, feminine and masculine, love and wisdom…. I urge people to read this profound and moving book and become part of this contemporary Renaissance, the fulfilment of our deepest longings for wholeness and cosmic consciousness.

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientfic and Medical Network (UK), Editor, Paradigm Explorer