We Are Awakening to the Divine Game

In this moment of our evolution we are awakening to our sacred role in this vast and intimate story of our Universe.  All around our planet people are AWAKENING TO THE DIVINE GAME and, as we do, we are identifying and creating the principles and possibilities of this Game.

As we remember, discover, and explore ancient and new modes of knowing and experiencing, we remember the sacredness of all life as co-creators of and participators in this great Game. Our grief and our joy teach us the truth of the Mayan oracle that “Polarity is the loom on which reality is strung.” To be alive is to be both this loom and the weaver of its realities. Through the play of these opposing principles in our lives, we learn to weave the fabric of our experience into a sacred text.

By holding the threads of death and grief and darkness in one hand and birth and joy and light in the other, we experience the unity of all life. This experience releases us from the fear of death and initiates us into the fullness of love and life. We know with Gandhi that “Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state.” Knowing this transforms us and it transforms our world. We celebrate our new awareness that There is Nothing but Life and, in the words of the classical scholar Carl Kerenyi, we are “the nucleus of the nucleus” of that life.

Each of us has a story, a piece of the sacred puzzle of the universe. As the German poet Novalis expressed it, “Every person’s life is a sacred text.” And this text is an integral part of the larger, magnificent, billions-of-years-old sacred journey of our universe. Awakening to ourselves and our stories as deeply embedded in this larger story, says cosmologist Brian Swimme, is one of the most profound shifts ever to occur in human consciousness.

Yet our prior lack of consciousness has brought us to the crossroads where we must now consciously choose between mass extinction or waking up. The decisions we humans make now, says Swimme, will “determine the way this planet functions and looks for hundreds of millions of years in the future.” This is the most critical moment in the evolution of our species and our planet.  It is the moment to awaken to The Divine Game.